SUKU X Wave Lachish December 10 2015

From graphic design to photography to collage artist, Wave Lachish is one of the most current and creative ladies that we know. Recognized for her unique portrayal of the female form, her work can be seen in Oyster, TEETH Magazine, Fashion Journal, and L O L Zine. The SUKU x Wave Lachish Dream Team photo shoot is an interpretation of a “lazy Sunday during an Australian Summer… conveying a sense of daydreaming and the vivid surreal places we travel to in our dreams.” We have a little holiday Q&A with Wave as she takes us on through this day-dreamy shoot.

SUKU X Wave Lachish - Season to Dream

Naughty or nice?
Super nice, when I’m not hungry

Summer love or Winter wonderland Christmas?
Winter wonderland any day!

Travelling at Christmas or staying home?
Staying home this year, but would rather be travelling

SUKU X Wave Lachish - Season to Dream

Giving or getting?

Best gift ever received?
Not gonna lie, I was given a surprise Prius for my bday a few years ago.

Best gift you've ever given?
I organised a surprise holiday to Tasmania for my Boyfriend’s Birthday - tickets to Mona and amazing accommodation included.

SUKU X Wave Lachish - Season to DreamSUKU X Wave Lachish - Season to Dream

Blanket fort or pillow castle?
One time when I was little, my brother and I made a pillow castle and thought it would be a good idea to bring a lamp inside, we totally forgot about it and came back to a pillow on fire… Luckily nothing bad happened. I guess now I’d go with blanket fort!

Daydreaming or lucid dreaming?

Night owl or early riser?
Night owl (*_*)

SUKU X Wave Lachish - Season to DreamSUKU X Wave Lachish - Season to Dream 

Shooting on film or digital?
I shoot on film at the moment. I really like the results you can get from film, and the whole shooting process is so enjoyable. However, I’m planning to explore more digital work in the near future.

Favourite subject to shoot?
Any person who is authentic, confident, ambitious and basically owns it.

Wave’s SUKU pick, Origami Quilt Cover
Photography // Wave Lachish
Styling // Wave Lachish