SUKU X Alex and Teagan November 11 2015

Real life couple and creative dynamic duo  - Alex Kelaart and Teagan Buntz -  are the photographer and stylist behind our recent Ohayou Loungewear shoot. We get in their collective brain by asking some random this or that questions. Check out the full photoshoot here.

Sleeping in or early riser?
A: I've always been an early riser. I like trying to squeeze as much as possible out of my day.
T: I have to be an early riser, but definitely love sleeping in

Left side or right side of the bed?
A: The right side is usually my side or whatever side is facing the window.
T:  Left side but end up taking up the whole bed.

Pancakes or waffles?
A: A big stack of pancakes with fruit and maple syrup is my thang.
T: Neither, Dads French toast is my go to :P


Coffee or tea?
A: Nothing better than a milky coffee in the morning. Shout out to the crew @everydaycoffee!
T: Coffee but tea at Nana's.

Lover or fighter?
A: Always been a lover not a fighter.
T:  Lover, so much easier.

Rain or shine?
A: I enjoy both, but I would take the sun rays over rain.
T: Rain only when in bed, but always shine!

Beach or mountains?
A: I'm all about the salty ocean on hot day, nothing leaves me feeling more refreshed.
T: Beach babe all the way.


Fiction or Non-fiction?
A: Fiction all the way. I'm a sucker for creative writing.
T: Bit of both, enjoy reading true facts about this unusual planet.

Drake or Yeezy?
A: It's a tough one, I like them both!
T: Hotline bling, that could only mean one thing ;)

Film or digital?
A: I use both mediums but feel more comfortable using film. The entire process is so real, It's in the moment and it makes the act of taking pictures a pleasure as you're not overthinking anything.
T: I'm more of a film girl because of the raw aesthetic feel that it gives to an image and I also love the feeling when not knowing what to expect when waiting for your film to

be processed.

Photography // Alex Kelaart 
Styling // Teagan Buntz
Model // Tamrin Barta

Featuring SUKU Ohayou Collection.