Pillow Talk: Konrad Krusemann November 05 2015

Homestyle with KonThis one hits close to home (pun intended). Today we're featuring a SUKU homie who is also a bff and flatmate. Konrad Krusseman is the creative consultant and set designer behind SUKU home and also a style maven in the Melbourne fashion industry. When not at home lounging in his SUKU sheets, Kon can be found up a mountain top or flying to his next exotic destination. 

We know you travel a lot, can you show us some highlights from your recent trip? 

You went on 4 day hike up Indonesia's Mount Rinjani, can you tell us a story about it?
The most satisfying moment was reaching the Rinjani hot springs after trekking for close to eleven hours. We began hiking to the summit at 3am, then made our way back to camp and onto the Senaru Crater Lake. We scaled down rock faces and fought our way through the long grass to find the most majestic of lakes, nestled in the middle of an active smoking volcano. We dropped our packs and walked a narrow track inland where we could see steam rising in the distance. After not showering or touching a drop of hot water for three days, the springs couldn't have come a better time. There were fellow trekkers jumping in from the neighbouring cliffs, whilst many shampooed each others hair - we were, and would've looked like, a bunch of bathing apes, blissfully ignorant to amused stares.

A picture speaks a thousand words. What is the feeling you get when you're on the road what does it looks like visually?
Freedom. Nothing beats sitting on top of the world..

Anais Nin's once said "We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls." What is it that makes you keep going back? 
The sense of adventure! I love getting lost, whether that be in a big city or right off the beaten track. And I love the colour of the places I travel to. Take Indonesia for example, I've been seven times and every time I discount the last trip as finite, I'll discover somewhere new to explore - there is nowhere in the world that can match Indo for its unending and diverse landscapes (at least not for me).

"Freedom. Nothing beats sitting on top of the world"

Any personal travel tips for those planning to go off the beaten track like mountain hiking?
Bring a good pair of hiking boots and blister-aid patches; make sure you take along a pair of walking sticks; and stop to take in the view every now and then - because the memory fades all too quickly..

All Photos by Konrad Krusemann
Konrad's SUKU pick, Ohayou Pyjama set