Indonesia Travel Diary by Ayla Dimitri September 21 2015

Indonesia is a place close to our heart. In this edition of SUKU travel, we bring you an insider look at the beauty and bounty (beyond Bali) that Indonesia has to offer. Serious girl crush and SUKU ambassador, Ayla Dimitri - former fashion editor for Elle and deputy editor in chief for ​ - shares some special places in this week's travel diary. As Indonesia's biggest fashion influencer based in Jakarta, Ayla enjoys travelling off the beaten path to places and parts unknown. Until now... 


I stayed on the ship for 4 days and I think it's one of the most exciting experiences during my travels. The beauty of Labuan Bajo, Nusa Tenggara region of east Indonesia, is definitely difficult to forget. We visited Komodo island and Rinca island, home to the komodo dragons. Pink beach at Padar was insanely beautiful! It’s pink because of the red corals surrounding the area. Moreover, the island was beautifully shaped, which was hill liked; reminded me of the movie Jurassic Park that really took my breath away. Do not forget to bring your fav playlist with a portable speaker! 

RAJA AMPAT, West Papua

This is definitely a heaven destination for divers. The underwater world is incredible, however, it’s such a shame that I don’t have my diving license yet. When I have the courage to do it sometime in the future, I will. What I adore most from Raja Ampat is that the islands are very different from the others in Nusa Tenggara Barat islands. I went to Piaynemo, Arborek and Dayan but I didn’t get a chance to go to Waiag and Misool since we did not have the time to explore more of the islands, but I will most definitely be back again soon!


Most of the Indonesian provinces entail its own individual culture, and I’d say that Sumba is certainly one of them. Imagine, the people of Sumba speak various dialects and they have an array of different woven fabric called tenun which are gorgeous! I travelled through traditional villages to visit these incredible looking traditional houses. The only restriction on this island is the electricity. Here you’ll find empty beaches with soft white sand, beautiful hills, and handsome looking Sumba horses. Places you absolutely must visit in West Sumba are the Weekuri Lake and Niagara Lapopu.

Words and Photos by Ayla Dimitri

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