Pillowtalk: Camille Moir-Smith March 06 2016

You know when you've stepped into a creative person's home when all around you see evidence of their life and art. This month's Pillow Talk features Camille Moir-Smith. Camille is a graphic designer and interior consultant in Melbourne. She is also the creator of design label Carpenter's Daughter that produces bespoke aprons catering to the needs of workers in specific industries. With simple names such as "The Barista", "The Baker" and "The Florist", each uniform works as hard as its owner to help craft their products. Making us feel cozy in her Northcote home filled with plants, light and laughter, we chat to her about friendship, creative community, and of course, her number one pooch Ru.

The Instagram feed of your life and the Pop & Scott family is so much fun! What do you miss the most when you're not at the studio?
It really is! I feel incredibly loved up and blessed for the things around me. I think the thing I miss most is feeling completely comfortable with a group of people and being in a constant state of giggling. 

A sense of community seems important to you in your collaborations and professional life. What is a 'community' to you?
Community to me is a connection between a selection of people with a similar positive and loving mindset. Whom in harmony; eat, laugh, play and work together in the pursuit to inspire each others happiness, without judgment nor jealousy. 

A piece of advice that you wish someone could have told you when you first started your own business?
“Doughnut worry about a thing. Except you may need more money…”

Your dog, Roo, is adorable, how did you two meet? What's he like?
I bonded with a fawn kelpie with cyan eyes at a pub in Collingwood once, called Kobe, and from then on I was determined to find a K9 companion much the same. Six months later I found Ru on Gumtree and flew him down from Canberra. He is a cracker. A major chiller, super submissive, social, kind of vague and unhinged at times and I’ve never seen him growl or get mad. Also Affectionate and adorabubble with no idea how babin’ he is. 

What's a scene/picture that will always give you peace? I have two.

Joan Miro in Majorca 1962 by Tony Saulnier, and
Henri Matisse and his dog in front of huge monstera leaves. 

Any philosophies or viewpoints that you feel really connected with recently?
My friend Zac recently told me about the theory - Epicureanism, and it’s something that’s made me think about how I want to live my life. There are some elements of the theory I disagree with, but the three good points are as follows:
- Put an extremely high value on friendship and keep constant regular contact with your friends.
- Obtaining happiness is possible even in the most miserable situation: instead of dwelling on the pain, find lightness how/wherever you can.
- The goal of life is to live a life of pleasure without the pain of over indulgence.

An album to describe your mood at the moment?

Photos courtesy of Camille Moir-Smith. You'll find plenty more about Camille on her website and on Instagram @camillemoirsmith.

Camille's Suku pick: Okinawa quilt cover set and Okinawa Pijama set