Pillowtalk: Sunni Hart January 10 2016

This week’s Pillow Talk takes place at the inviting and eclectic Northcote home of Sunni Hart.  Sunni is the founder of Folk Collective, a unique creative agency comprised of a network of photographers, stylists, producers, creative consultants and street cast models. We chat about her exciting new endeavour and how she holds it down being an entrepreneur and super-mum.

You started your agency, Folk Collective, just after you had your cute little baby, Fox. Do you think motherhood inspired you to start?
Before Fox came along I was insatiable... I would always be so distracted about the next possibility or opportunity around the corner. I didn't want to stop and put my all my energy into one thing for the fear of missing out on something else. Motherhood helped put a lot in perspective for me. Firstly it taught me that to do things out of love and don't not do things out of fear. It also gave me clarity and a sense of grounding to be able to establish something and it taught me how to be nurturing. Babies, businesses... they all need love, care and attention!

How did you manage to work on Folk Collective while being a new mum?
For a while there it was pretty crazy when Pete was working full-time and I was just getting Folk up and running. I had a crocheted swing set up in my studio to contain Fox when I had to bring him in. He would barely last 10 minutes and so I would just have to let him roam around Schoolhouse Studios... I definitely lost him more than once. Recently Pete has quit the rat race to focus on his band (Smile) and also to get a record label up and running. This means that he now spends most of the time at home with Fox and I am in the office all day. It works really well especially because Pete is a crazy good cook and there's usually some kind of delish dinner waiting for me when I get home.

Ah yes. Bukowski once said — 'My dear, find what you love and let it kill you."Can you relate?
Oh Bukowski. While I do love his commitment to the cause, I am also aware, having read all of his books in succession (it was a dark time!) that his commitments are quite narrow and kind of destructive. Booze. Sex. Race track. Booze. Poetry...bit more booze and a bunch more sex. I understand that the idea behind this quote is that something is going to kill you either way so you may as well make it something that you love. That part I do admire I guess... I just don't know if I can adhere to it. Personally, I'm not purely driven by my work...nor do I view death as the ultimate goal. I'm more on the side of balance, fun and doing things for fulfilment.

Firstly, your family is adorable. You guys do a bit of travelling together, what’s been your favourite trip so far?
Aw thanks! We do try and get away whenever possible. Our best trip to date was definitely our road trip up the West Coast of America last year. We hired a camper van and drove from Los Angeles to Washington for Fox's 1st birthday. We called in "Turning 1 on Highway 1." It was the best! A truly magical submergence into some of the most beautiful nature... camping, skinny dipping, cooking freshly caught fish on the fire, getting lost in the woods and just being together as a family. While I'm not sure if Fox will remember the moment's specifically, I am certain these experiences leave a deep impression on his being.

Is there something that you like doing now that ten years ago you thought you'd never like doing?
Dancing to techno and house music lol!

We talked about it's healthy to idolise someone (i agree), who is your idol at the moment and why?
Georgia O'Keefe for her independent mind, rebel heart, slow approach and stellar wardrobe and homes.

A song that really describe your life at the moment?

Photos courtesy of Sunni Hart and Christine Lafian
Sunni's SUKU pick, Ohayou Pyjama set